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If you are good at numbers and inclined to stocks and business, the world of finance provides an exciting window of opportunities. A finance career in the “real” world can only take off if you’re equipped with the right education. There are several highly sought after jobs for finance degree holders. An educational qualification in finance may lead to broad opportunities as financial analysts, financial managers, personal financial advisors, financial services sales agents, academicians etc. On the other hand no degree is needed to be successful when it comes to trading binary options using The Brit Method.

This article intends to highlight the various programs that are on offer at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah and the learning opportunities that is on offer for those looking at a career in finance and stock markets.

The Degrees in Finance that are available are:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • An undergraduate degree in finance from the David Eccles School of Business helps students to analyse and evaluate projects and company finances.
  • Students have a practical and academic understanding of how and why individuals and companies allocate and invest financial resources efficiently to raise capital.
  • The top undergraduate students earn the Honours Degree in Finance, which is ranked among the best in the world which only reflects the distinction and merit of the faculty and the undergraduate program.

Master’s Programs:

  • The master’s programs are for serious thinkers with an aptitude to become financial heads who can adapt themselves to the continuously evolving world of finance.
  • The students for these programs are trained not just to react but also to reinvent the financial character of the institutions that they become a part of.
  • A master’s degree from this prestigious institution has great leverage and opens a plethora of top financial career options.
  • The MSF (Master of Science in Finance) program is an elite program and therefore the number of admissions are restricted and demands a high aptitude in finance. So, there is a lot of flexibility in scheduling classes and academic areas to be covered.
  • The career coach and program director work in close tandem with the students to understand and guide them to chart a program which fits their schedule and interests.
  • Most students opting for MSF programs opt for part-time study while going for a job. Whereas, there are others who opt for a full-time study and try to complete in a minimum of nine to ten months.

Ph.D. Programs:

  • Students of doctoral degrees in finance develop a pragmatic analysis of contemporary financial markets, corporate finance, and the structure and behaviour of firms in the current economic scenario.
  • Students are encouraged to examine the above-mentioned areas through the development of theoretical models and their empirical testing.
  • There is a lot of scope for research and analysis for the academically inclined under the guidance of world-renowned researchers.
  • The doctoral students specialising in finance are not only trained as academicians but also actively contribute to producing original research analysis and findings.

If you are looking at the perfect blend of classroom knowledge with practical application in finance, then the university of Utah is the place to go to.

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